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Evaluating Hillarys Short List For Running Mates


Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal got its hands on what purports to be Hillary Clinton’s “short list” of potential Vice-Presidential running mates, and it includes Elizabeth Warren but not her opponent Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t considering primary rival Bernie Sanders as her running mate, but is actively looking at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, […]

Gold Holds Fridays Gain For Now

Gold Holds Friday’s Gain – For Now Commentary for Monday June 6, 2016 ( Gold closed up $4.30 on the Comex today at $1245.00. It held surprisingly firm through the weekend and into Monday’s domestic trading. Hong Kong and London was virtually flat and pricing continued steady through the domestic close ranging between $1242.00 and […]

What you Need to Know about GAs Top Conversion Paths Report


In today’s multi-touch marketing world, consumers use many different channels and devices to reach your website and make a purchase. In order to properly attribute credit and revenue generation to your different marketing channels, it’s helpful to know which channels in the mix came first, second, third, fourth, etc. and, of course, last. This is […]

Daily News May 26, 2016

Brazil’s foreign policy shift Veteran politician José Serra has sought to forge new links with Argentina shortly after he was appointed foreign minister by Brazil’s interim president Michel Temer. He has announced a shift in foreign policy. But José Serra is not a diplomat and he is bound to be an unconventional foreign minister. He […]

State Focus:New Mexico Welcoming the World


By the BF StaffFrom the March/April 2016 Issue More and more manufacturers from around the country and the world are starting to notice New Mexico as a leading center for commerce, industry, and trade. Thanks to a new business-friendly attitude, New Mexico continues to grow as an ideal location for manufacturers to produce their goods […]

Art of Thomas Eakins


Eakins referenced wax sculptures and Eadweard Muybridge’s equine photographic studies in order to accurately depict horses in motion. (Philadelphia Museum of Art) The art of Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) is more deeply entwined with the city of Philadelphia than that of any other artist of the nineteenth century. Born in North Philadelphia in 1844, Eakins spent nearly […]

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