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Whats Going on with Thailands Government?


The government of Thailand can be quite confusing, especially in recent years. Ousted PMs, military coups, and new constitutions are just a few of the things that have happened in the last five years. With millions of Thai voters heading to the polls this weekend in an important referendum, it’s the perfect time to review […]

Sanders Gets on Board with Clinton


By Sandra G. Leon  Senator Bernie Sanders made a personal request at the Democratic Convention Tuesday night to suspend the rules and accept Hillary Clinton’s nomination by acclamation, removing the requirement for a final delegate vote count and, instead, accepting a voice vote from the floor. The move was a final surrender by Sanders and […]

PROTECT supports new Article XIV Constitutional Amendment for locating broadband and utilities on road corridors that traverse the Forest Preserve and creating a new municipal land account

Protect the Adirondacks supports a new Constitutional Amendment for Article XIV, the “forever wild” provision of the NYS Constitution, introduced by the State Assembly Conservation Committee Chairman Steve Englebright. This proposed amendment authorizes location of broadband, other utilities and bike paths along state highway corridors traversing the Forest Preserve, authorizes location of broadband and other […]

Opinion: Beware the Counterfeit Constitutionalists


On the coming 4th of July, our hearts will swell with pride as the Stars and Stripes lead our local Independence Day parades. That flag reflects an American reality of which we are all rightfully proud. Despite its imperfections, we live in a great country, with a remarkable democratic governmental structure that is the envy […]

Plenty Of Blame To Go Around


As was the case with Donald Trump clinching the GOP nomination despite the deep disbelief of the American professional class, it seems Brexit’s success blindsided UK pundits and betting houses because few in positions of power and privilege could fully wrap their heads around such a self-immolating move. The question remains: How many Brexit supporters (and […]

My Rational Case for Conservatives to Vote for Trump


Donald Trump was near the bottom of my candidate choices during the primaries. I was among those who thought that his intemperate remarks would spell the end of his campaign, but they did not. That his campaign consisted of a few slogans rather than policies disturbed me. As someone who follows the Kremlin’s perfidy closely, […]

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