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VIP Employees Inducted to Lewer Performance Club

During the Lewer Companies’ annual holiday party held Dec. 18 at Brio Tuscan Grille on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, a number of team members were honored for their contributions in 2015. These individuals were inducted into the Lewer Performance Club (LPC), an employee recognition program designed to recognize the “elite of the elite” at Lewer. The LPC inductions have been an annual Lewer tradition for 20 years.

President Mike Lewer and Senior Vice President Mike Dlugolecki presented the 2015 LPC awards to customer service coordinator Chanze Chaput, “Rookie of the Year”. While accepting his award, Chaput expressed his appreciation. “I was really humbled because I’d never received formal recognition in this way from any previous employer,” he said. “The award motivated me to do even better and improve my work. The best part might be that this means I’m no longer a ‘new guy!’”


LewerMark student insurance regional director Erin Caswell, a member of the team since 2011, received the 2015 “Associate of the Year” title. “I was thrilled to even have been nominated let alone win,” she said. “I am grateful to work with such a supportive group of people that make coming to work enjoyable and gratifying. Thank you to the Lewer team.”

The presentation of the “Leader of the Year” award was next on the agenda. This award is presented to a management member considered to be exceptionally instrumental in the company’s progress for the 12-month period of performance evaluation.

It was announced that Scott Mylin, who joined the team in 2014, and who was recently promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance and IT, won the title. After receiving what is his first LPC award, Mylin expressed his appreciation. “When I heard my name, I immediately felt a deep sense of satisfaction for the Finance Team that did the heavy lifting. They were all smiling at the table in front of me, sharing the recognition,” he said. “We know 2016 will be a challenging year with new plans, partners, processes, systems, and incredible opportunities. I can’t wait to congratulate the individuals and accomplishments that define 2016.”

Concluding the 2015 LPC award presentations was the announcement of the year’s “Kaizen Award” winner, an award that was introduced in 2006 as part of the company’s 50th business anniversary. The award is presented to the team member known as “the innovators” who initiate the changes that move the companies forward.

As 2015 was certainly a year of innovation for the Lewer Companies, awards were presented to three team members – Tom Kohl, who joined the team on April 18, 2011 and who was promoted to Director, Small Business Development in 2015, and to Sue Steiner, HR Manager at Lewer since August 18, 2014. Scott Mylin was the third Kaizen award recipient.

After receiving what was her first LPC award since joining Lewer two years ago, Steiner expressed her appreciation: “I was thrilled to learn that I was nominated for the Kaizen Award and to be included with the other winners made it so much more special,” she said. “It has been a team effort and, without the help of each leader and each associate doing their part, we would not have been a success. I look forward to an adventurous and rewarding New Year at Lewer!” (89)

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